Custom Made Double Six Domino sets, Coasters & Keychains


•Payment is due IN FULL before I start on any orders.

•If you choose clear as a color option for dominos they will be see through..

•I put a lot of love and time into every single item and they can take anywhere from 1-3 days to complete. Once dominos, coasters and keychains are complete they must sit for 3 days to cure before I am able to ship it (unless they are ready made).

•Coasters are not dishwasher safe, they should only be hand washed.

•Coasters can hold hot or cold beverages but should never be in the microwave, in a hot car for too long or in extreme cold (like a refrigerator or freezer)

•Each item is made with epoxy resin and epoxy is NOT shatter proof, if the item is dropped there is always a chance of it breaking.

•These are handmade items and every single piece is unique in its own way. I can promise you I work my hardest to make every single item perfect for you and I put my entire heart into every thing that I make.

  • For any personal customization options that you would like that are not listed please contact me at before placing your order.

I want to thank you so much for supporting me and my black owned/veteran business!